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Bihar 12th English Objective: A Child Born

Question. The hospital was very uncooperative about- (A) Providing meals (B) Exploit childbirth (C) Breast-feeding (D) Giving medicines   Question.  Clearly infant and mother mortality is greater in- (A) Traditional births (B) Untraditional births (C) Particular births (D) Prevented births   Question.  Married women do not become members of their new family until they have- (A) Started cooking… Read More »

Indian Civilization and Culture Chapter 1

Question. India’s glory is that it- (A) Remains movable (B) Remains immovable (C) Always flourish (D) Never give up hope   Question. The charge against India is that- (A) Her civilization is very old (B) Her people are so uncivilized, ignorant and stolid (C) It ignored to writings of the Greeks (D) Its ancestors dissuaded people from luxuries… Read More »


English || Class 12th Chapter wise all Objective Questions with Answer 12th Class Poems S. No.  Poem Name 1. Sweetest Love I do not Goe 2. Song Of Myself 3. Now the leaves are falling fast  4. Ode to Autumn  5. An Epitaph 6. The Soldier 7. Macavity : The Mystery Cat 8. Fire – Hymn Poem 8… Read More »

My Grandmother’s House Poem 10

Question. My Grandmother’s House is written by – (A) D.H. Lawrence (B) Kamala Das (C) Keki N. Daruwala (D) Walt Whitman   Question. Kamala Das was born on- (A) April 31, 1933 (B) April 31, 1934 (C) April 31, 1943 (D) April 31, 1984   Question. What moved freely in the silent house? (A) Lizards (B) Snakes (C)… Read More »

Snake Poem 9

Question. ‘SNAKE’ is written by- (A) W.H. Auden (B) T.S. Eliot (C) D.H. Lawrence (D) John Donne   Question. David H. Lawrence was born in- (A) 1868 (B) 1858 (C) 1885 (D) 1895   Question. David H. Lawrence died in- (A) 1920 (B) 1910 (C) 1940 (D) 1930   Question. The speaker confesses that he- (A) Hated the… Read More »

Fire – Hymn Poem 8

Question. ‘Fire-Hymn’ is written by- (A) Walt Whitman (B) Keki N. Daruwala (C) W.H. Auden (D) Kamala Das   Question. Keki N. Daruwala was born in- (A) 1927 (B) 1935 (C) 1937 (D) 1965   Question. The poem ‘Fire-Hymn’ is about a- (A) Human society (B) Violence (C) Burning ghat (D) War   Question. The speaker belongs to… Read More »

The Soldier Poem 6

Question. Soldier’ is written by- (A) John Donne (B) Walt Whitman (C) Rupert Brooke (D) D.H. Lawrence   Question. The Soldier’ is a- (A) Children’s poem (B) Romantic Poem (C) War poem (D) Nature Poem   Question. Rupert Brooke was born in- (A) 1827 (B) 1867 (C) 1887 (D) 1878   Question. Rupert Brooke died in the year-… Read More »

An Epitaph Poem 5

Question. An Epitaph is a- (A) Story (B) Travalogue (C) Essay (D) Poetry   Question. Walter de la Mare is famous as a- (A) War poet (B) Children’s Poet (C) Nature poet (D) Romantic poet   Question. An Epitaph is written by- (A) Walt Whitman (B) Walter De La Mare (C) T.S. Eliot (D) D.H. Lawrence   Question.… Read More »

Ode to Autumn Poem 4

Question. ‘Ode to Autumn’ is written by- (A) John Donne (B) John Keats (C) Kamala Das (D) T.S. Eliot   Question. ‘Ode To Autumn’ is a- (A) Drama (B) Story (C) Poetry (D) Essay   Question. ‘Ode to Autumn’ is a poem of- (A) Love (B) War (C) Nature (D) Struggle   Question. John Keats died in the… Read More »